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February 21, 2008


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Gorgeous, JP!

The last time I was there was spring of 1997 (when Hale-Bopp graced the skies) to visit the Grand Canyon. The town was bone dry the night I arrived and by morning had received enough snow that all roads to the NP were closed and the town itself was on the verge of being locked down. Dejected I gave up on seeing the Canyon (and have yet to see it in fact) and I high-tailed south to Tucson to spend the rest of my vacation hiking the Tucson and Rincon Mountains.

sven erikson

Yup, Flagstaff is a gritty, grumpy town. At one time I wanted to move back there, but not anymore. There is just too much tension in that town. The flagstaff area is beautiful however. It is also very, very nice in midsummer.

I love that 'color' pic of Jacob's Lake.

PS The Beaver Street Brewery is a good place to warm up/have a stout.

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